The World of Matta

The Duchess Adlai of Rhinnean resides in the Acrin Solar System which is a cluster of planets that circle the star Miter.


The World of Matta has one main continent which is comprised of twenty realms. Two additional realms exist, but are separated from the main continent by the great water realm of Muria. Muria covers the majority of the surface of Matta.


The peoples of Matta have only recently discovered reliable methods of travel to take them to the nearest planet, Trispia. 


This is when and where our heroine begins her great adventure.

Most Awesome Glossary of People, Places, Things

The World of Matta is teeming with amazing characters, new inventions, exotic locations, and much, much more.


This glossary will help you learn more about Mattan words and how to pronounce them!