Fabulous French Pouf in 15 Minutes


So you’ve got an important event looming on Saturday and want to make a smashing entrance? Or perhaps, you just want to lounge around the house feeling Rococo, eating Macaroons, and relaxing on your chaise while your string quartet serenades you?

Here’s the essential Marie Antoinette Hair ‘how to’ you need to get that Pouf up and sailing securely: quickly and easily.

Materials needed:

  • Your styrofoam ball should be no wider than the length of your hair plus 2 inches. So If your hair is 12 inches long, get a 10 inch ball.

  • Also consider the width of your head. Do you want your pouf to be straight or round? If you want your pouf to appear round, get a wider ​ball. If you want it to appear straight, get one the width of your head.

  • tonyaknudsen_poof1.jpg

  • Now cut part of the ball off (see picture) to create a flat end on one side.

  • Next, get your cheap weave and cover the ball to make your core. I use quilter's T pins to secure the weave to the ball, but if you prefer glue, you can try that route.

  • Attach the sewn part of the weave at the rim of the flat side of your ball. Brush the hair up and over the ball. Secure with a pony tail holder. Your core should look like this (see picture) and will last you many events.


Next brush your hair like Cousin Itt, evenly distributing your hair around your head. Put your core on top of your head and brush your hair up and around your core ball. Secure with several rubber bands.

  • I do the front and back of my hair first, secure that, then pull up the sides and secure that. Then I take a flyby with the hairspray to secure any whispy flyaways.

Your pouf should feel light and secure.

Now comes the fun part. Use the quilter’s pins to attach more hair (like the pony tails) or add feathers, or birds, or broaches, or ribbons. Just stick em in. The sky's the limit, literally!

And you are ready to go. (Massive Steam Punk New Year's Eve Pouf seen here with Professor Elemental.) - Tonya Knudsen is the author of lovely fantasy fiction book full of creative inventions. Available on Amazon.


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