Even More Semi-Intellectual Thoughts by Miss Tonya

In the early 1990s in Boston, I had a weekly column called Semi-Intellectual Thoughts by Miss Tonya.


In it, I would interview rising scenesters, gossip with local celebrities, or gush about upcoming social events not to be missed. Other topics included fashion trends, beauty tips, or costuming "how to"s. Occasionally a book, painting, or even a comic would catch my fancy and into the paper it went.

Part poetry, part analysis, always quirky, and sometimes even funny, the column became very popular in the South End. Soon Miss Tonya was being asked to host parties at clubs and entertain at charitable events. She even signed a few newspapers.

I could not imagine having more fun than I did while I attended college. Writing that column was the reason.


So with that in mind, I have decided to “forge new what was old.”

Welcome to my blog, Even More Semi-Intellectual Thoughts by Miss Tonya. I won’t be hosting anymore parties (my platforms and eyelashes are dusty), but I just might be able to entertain you or even better, inspire you.

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