Most Awesome Glossary of People, Places, Things: T-W

Tarnos – Seventh world from Miter in the Acrin Solar System.


Tartian – A disguise used by Arrain Galpersmeed twenty years ago.


terrament – A unit of measuring distance, like a mile or a kilometer.


The Space Travel and Science University — Located in the city of Aspirtius founded by Duke Hanse in 3034.


threstle – Purple plants from Trispia, cultivated on Matta for décor. 


Tileworks – Moving tiles that are used for decoration.


Tillsiver – The capitol of Tillubia. 


Tillubia Empire – One of the twenty-two realms on the world of Matta. The current Court’s Magistrate, Emperor Niril-Gent, is from Tillubia.


Tillubian – 1) Of, or from Tillubia. 2) Having architecture reminiscent of the golden age of the Tillubia Empire. This architectural style is quite prominent on Matta. Established by the great Tillubian architect Chab-Riban, the style is quite mechanical in both look and function.


Titane – The Jesin of Emperor Niril-Gent, female, red and white, has long paws.


Tithe Region – Unexplored area near New Nean on Trispia.


Torre Dai – Territory on Matta, ally to Rhinnean, along with Torre Malich, often referred to as the Torres.


Torre Malich – Territory on Matta, ally to Rhinnean, along with Torre Dai, often referred to as the Torres.


Torres – Two territories on Matta, Torre Dai and Torre Malich, are generally ruled by the same ruling house, but have different sets of governing laws.


Trevure – A plant from Trispia that produces brilliant, shimmery platinum and translucent strands once a year, part of its flowering process. 


Trispia – Third world from Miter in the Acrin Solar System. Trispia has a single moon.


Trispian – Of, or from the planet Trispia.


Twille – A fragrant plant.


Vleeding board – A table and tool kit used for invention, creation, drafting, printing, and even plotting! 


Wirlding – A tasty deep sea mammal resembles a cow, but they swim.