Most Awesome Glossary of People, Places, Things: M

Malice – One of two Jesin frined with the Duchess Adlai, female, red and white with big ears.


Manatria – The united kingdom of Manatria existed on Matta thousands of years ago, but fractured into the twenty-two existing dominions which now comprise The Court Conclavat. 


marsh oak – The very darkest and most unworkable wood found on the planet of Matta.


Matta – 1) Fourth world from Miter in the Acrin Solar System, birth world of the Duchess Adlai. 2) The actual continent on the planet Matta is also referred to as Matta.


Mattan – One of the six Federated West countries on the Western edge of Matta. 


Meig – Eighth world from Miter in the Acrin Solar System.


Meti – A scout accompanying Duke Hanse on an expedition of the Tithe region of Trispia.


Mistress Edean – Lady-in-waiting to Duchess Adlai.


Miter – The star at the center of the Acrin Solar System. 


Miteraine – Jesin to Duke Hanse, a strong tricolor male, has an extra fluffy tail.


Miterday – Point of the day where Miter is at the highest point in the sky.


Miterdown – 1) Time of day when Miter is no longer visible in the sky. 2) A lavish dinner often held at Miterdown.


Miteris – A written measure of time when on expedition, about a week.


Muria – A great body of water covering seventy-five percent of Matta.


Murian – Of, or coming from, Muria.