Most Awesome Glossary of People, Places, Things: F-G

Falitanirri – Canastry name for Gina-Falita.


Farthing Tower – Tower of Kaligry Keep where Duke Hanse is kept.


Fashionworks – Crafting unusual materials for wearable functions which result in fashionable trends.


Fastern Garhn – Spiritual oasis in the Tithe section of Trispia. Shrouded in mystery and mired with unusual formations.


Federated West Alliance – Consists of six countries on the Western edge of Matta including Antiers, Linnear, Gol, Mattan, Kilva, and E-Linnear.


Fetturn Outpost – The first coastal fort built in the Tithe region of Trispia.


Flinter’s Ale – Ale brewed at The Keep.


frine ‒ Or frined, the connection created between a Jesin and it’s human.


gadoleer – Boat-like craft used for sailing across the skies of Matta and Trispia at high altitudes. 


gaoler – Jail, jailer.


Garonelle Tower – A tower at Kaligry Keep.


Gina-Falita – Lady-in-waiting and good friend of Duchesse Adlai, from the Canastry Islands in the extreme Northeast. Native name is Falitanirri.


gnark – Or gnarking, the act of fighting with carnivorous plant life.


gnee – A common tree which grows on Matta, produces a tasty fruit also called gnee. 


Gol – One of the six Federated West countries on the Western edge of Matta.


Gollian – Of, or having characteristics of the country of Gol.


Governor Brist – Governor of the New Nean colony on Trispia.


graphe – Device used for communicating to parties on Matta and Trispia. It is a bit like a three dimensional hologram but looks like a decorative bowl when not in use. Not entirely reliable, communication is often disrupted by solar flares.