Most Awesome Glossary of People, Places, Things: D-E

Dam Zarina – Alpha of the Jesin, mother of Malice, Chalice, and Amorice, black and white, with a long snout.


dotarn – A mechanized hover vehicle for short land travel, used in place of a horse when necessary to transport several people or items at once.


dristle – A device used to project images, movies, and sounds, named after the inventor who created it.


Duchess Adlai – The Duchess of Rhinnean, House of Entread, daughter of Duke Hanse and the Lady Mithera, and our heroine.


Duchess Lana – First wife of the Duke Hanse, House of Entread, mother of Duke Cynt. Died in childbirth in 3040 at the age of 21.


Duke Cynt – The late Duke of Rhinnean, House of Entread, son of Duke Hanse and the Duchess Lana, brother to Duchess Adlai, died in 3061 at the age of 21.


Duke Ermber – Father to Duke Hanse, grandfather to Duchess Adlai.


Duke Hanse – The mad, abdicated Duke of Rhinnean, House of Entread, father of Duke Cynt and 

Duchess Adlai. Also, a founder of the first Court Conclavat and noted inventor and explorer.


Earl of Aquin – Member of the Rhinnean High Council.


Earl of Birille – Member of the Rhinnean High Council and High Dean of Aschramn.


Earl of Errolee – Member of the Rhinnean High Council, cousin of Duchess Adlai, next heir to the throne, has two younger sisters: Lucca and Mille. 


E-Linnear – One of the six Federated West countries on the Western Eastern edge of Matta. 


Emperor Niril-Gent – Current Magistrate of The Court Conclavat, also Emperor of Tillubia.


Empress Niril-Nahada – Wife of Emperor Niril-Gent.


Entread – The House of Entread is the royal family of Rhinnean. The current reigning monarch is the Duchess Adlai.


esoptic current – An energy source on Matta. 


evestri – A series of pipes, bells or crystals beautifully crafted into an ornament which is generally worn from around the waist, wrist, or foot which makes sound.