Most Awesome Glossary of People, Places, Things - C

Canastry Islands – Island country to the far northeast of Matta, separated by the mainland by Muria.


Castle of Mirrnah – A castle of the Royal House of Entread, located in the heart of the capitol city of Aspirtius, Rhinnean.


Celine – Fifth world from Miter in the Acrin Solar System.


Chab-Riban – Great architect from the Golden Age of the Tillubian Empire.


Chalice – One of two Jesin frined with the Duchess Adlai, female, tri-color, with big eyes.


Chauce – Ninth world from Miter in the Acrin Solar System.


Cirnos – One of the twenty-two realms of Matta, bordering Rhinnean, Tillubia, and the Torres.


cochoro – Canastry Island word for partner.


cordiam – A device used to communicate between long distances. 


corselle – A corseted girdle serves as a fashion-conscious utility belt housing useful gadgets and weapons.


corselt – Masculine version of corselle.


Count Herrison – Master of Guard to Duchess Adlai of Rhinnean.


Court Conclavat – An annual gathering of Matta’s leaders where knowledge is shared and disputes are settled.