Most Awesome Glossary of People, Places, Things: A

Acrin Solar System – Cluster of planets which circle the star Miter. The solar system contains nine planets (in order closest to the Miter): Nephros, Nar, Trispia, Matta, Celine, Sis, Tarnos, Meig, and Chauce.


Amorice – The Jesin frined with the Duke Cynt, male, red and white with big paws. 


Andria – One of twenty-two realms existing on the planet of Matta, ruled by twin kings named Alexe and Xander.


Andrian – From the realm of Andria, or having the characteristics of Andria.


Ansel – First Minister to Duchess Adlai.


Antiers – One of the six Federated West countries on the Western edge of Matta. Antiers, like the Canastry Islands is separated from the mainland.


Arrain Galpersmeed – Ranger to accompany Duchess Adlai to Trispia. His native Tillubian name is Arrain-Lipse.


Arf – A sound made by Jesin.


Aschramn University – One of the oldest institutions in Aspirtius, Rhinnean.


Aspirtius – Capitol city of Rhinnean. 


atomiscope – Mechanical device used to explore both the micro and the macro. An atomiscope is in Earth terms both a microscope and a telescope. It has some additional filtering features that neither Earth machines have.