About the Author

The Lady Miss Tonya Knudsen has been bouncing around the NY art and literary scene for longer than she cares to admit.  


Previous literary endeavors include celebrity interviews and a few serial columns: Semi-Intellectual Thoughts by Miss Tonya (Boston, 1990s) and Anya Hard (Juice, Sound Surf and Skate Magazine, NYC, 2000s).


Previous art curations and works have been known to take place at CBGB’s 313 Gallery and the now-shuttered Dollhaus Art Gallery in Williamsburg. Scroll down the page to view recent artworks.


The Duchess Adlai, Introductions, Inventions, and the Most Awesome Adventures is the first episode in a series of books. It is also the author’s first published book. 


The author is looking for a literary agent for the remainder of the series. 



They are evil and addicting. I don't recommend them. 


They did not help in the writing of this book. They were, in fact, very distracting and selfish. If you run across fox-like characters in the book that resemble basenjis, with the same names as my basenjis, it is purely coincidental.


About Basenjis

Fussed. Oil on Canvas. 36 x 36. 2014.


Ingenue. Oil on Canvas. 36 x 36. 2015.



Valkyrie. Oil on Canvas. 48 x 36. 2014.