The Duchess Adlai: Introductions, Inventions, and the Most Awesome Adventures

When Adlai's older brother, the Duke Cynt, is mysteriously killed on an expedition to the nearest planet, young Adlai finds her world changed overnight. 

Tasked with leading her realm, the Duchess is immediately submerged into a foreign and utterly fantastic political arena where she attempts to solve the mystery of her brother's death.

Saddled with an unusual band of advisors: a stoic minister, a mischievous inventor, a cheeky, hoofed hand-maiden, and two snarky Jesin (talking beings who resemble what we on Earth call foxes or basenjis); the Duchess is soon outfitted with a number of new inventions to help her succeed.

But her early triumphs, artfully won, are short-lived as she stumbles upon old secrets which hint at why her father went mad, who her mother really was, and what may exist on the new planet. And while she is coping with all that, one charming suitor after another is thrown in her path. Thank goodness she is naturally adept at flirting!

The first episode of an ongoing series: Introductions are made, inventions are produced, but most importantly, the most awesome adventures begin...